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  • Benefits Of Regular Oil Change

    A proven, time-tested, and highly endorsed method of safeguarding your engine is timely and regular oil change. Changing your oil can help you maximize your engine's performance, prevent costly breakdowns as well as wear and tear, achieve optimal fuel efficiency, reduce harmful emissions, and extend your vehicle's life – all at once.

    When Should You Opt For An Oil Change?

    The oil is the heart and soul of your car engine. Period. It circulates in the engine, lubricating key engine components, including pistons, rings, valves, bearings, and cylinder walls, and transferring heat away from them. In addition to cooling engine parts and preventing wear and tear, engine oil also performs a holistic, cleaning action, removing dust, debris, carbon, and varnish buildup that can be toxic to the engine.

    The final result? Your car engine runs efficiently, you get better gas mileage, your carbon footprint decreases, and you save time and money. Ready to wave goodbye to costly repairs, engine failure, and seamless driving? Opt for an oil change today!

    How Often Should Engine Oil Be Changed?

    If there's one thing all mechanics, car owners, and auto experts agree on, its regular oil change. Ideally, you should change your car's engine oil after every six months or 3000-5000 miles. Of course, this varies depending on your car's mileage as well as model and engine oil type. Hence, it's highly recommended you check your car manual or consult with an expert to know when's the right time for an oil change.

    5 Signs Your Car Need An Oil Change

    Following are the five key signs your car needs an oil change:

    1. Dashboard oil change light/reminder turns on
    2. Dirty and dark oil on the dipstick
    3. Overheating of engine
    4. Knocking, tapping, or grinding sounds from the engine
    5. Oil leaks evident from fluid under vehicle or blue smoke/burning odor from exhaust