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Frecuently asked questions and answers

Are car wash subscriptions worth it?

If you wash your car at least twice a month, you should probably consider getting a car wash subscription. Unlimited car wash programs help keep your vehicle clean while allowing you to stay on budget. In most cases, members can enjoy exclusive perks and benefits such as VIP lanes, free vacuums, discounted add-ons, etc.

How often should you wash your car?

In South Florida, especially in West Palm Beach, it‘s best to wash your car every two weeks due to many factors that not only dirty your vehicle but can cause permanent damage to its components. Some of these factors are:

  • Salt and sand particles (can destroy car finish and cause rust).
  • Rain (can cause rust).
  • Pollen (untreated pollen can corrode parts of the vehicle due to its acidity).
  • Bugs (lovebugs and other insects can clog vital parts of your vehicle).

Should I wax my car?

It‘s recommended to wax your car regularly because it helps protect the paint from scratches, weather elements, bird droppings, etc.