Make the right choice

What is a tag in Teigee?

A tag is a keyword or label that groups businesses based on a particular thing they share in common. Tags always represent one of the following:


Any item or service local businesses offer to customers. (E.g "Oil Change")


Coming Soon

Any kind of activity you can enjoy at a local business around you. (E.g "Karaoke", "Play Bingo", "Watch PPV events")


Coming Soon

A characteristic, theme or ambience you can find at a local business. (E.g "Beach Front", "Latin Music")

What can Teigee do for you?

Teigee provides you the tools you need to make the right choice.

Compare Products

Compare product prices, characteristics and ratings with just a few clicks.

Uncover Hidden Gems

Find local businesses by the things make them stand out.

Valuable Reviews

Combining tag-specific reviews with overall reviews we help you make better decisions.

3rd Party Integrations

We integrate with platforms like Google providing you with multiple sources of information.

Frecuently asked questions

Teigee is a platform to search, compare and review products, activities and characteristics from local businesses around you. We collaborate closely with our partners to keep our information trustworthy and up to date.

At the moment, we are only operating in a few cities, but as our platform grows so will our coverage.

If you own or operate a business and would like to be part of our project, contact us at support@teigee.com, we'll be happy to have you.